Women was cheating

Women Jokes

Women was cheating on her husband , look how he discovered .

A husband was sitting in a public place with his friend whose name was Jack , they were chatting and a girl came to Jack and start kissing him and telling him that she missed him and same goes like that with almost every girl that walked by .

The husband was suprised " How you made all the girls love you ? my wife hates me and I don't know what to do" ! he said , " it's easy , just pinch her in the ass , girls love that " Jack answered . The husband was very excited to try this trick on his wife , once he arrived home , he sneaked silently into the badroom and found his wife lying on her belly , he moved toward her quietly and pinched her in the ass with lots of horny emotions . The wife streched on the bed even more and said " You came early today Jack "

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