Two white gay guys are walking on a beach...

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when one of them trips over a shiny lamp buried in the sand. One picks it up and rubs it, and a genie pops out. "I will grant you three wishes" says the genie. They decide not to use them right away, and to save them for a rainy day. About one year later, they decide they've waited long enough, so they summon the genie and wish for a luxurious, 10 bedroom mansion. Around 2 years later, it burns down. They're devastated, but then they think, well we're back where we were, no use in wasting another wish. 1 more year goes by and they decide to treat themselves. They summon the genie and wish for a Lamborghini. Two months later it gets stolen, but like before they decide to break even and to save their last wish. Then, one day, the KKK busts open they're door, takes them to the tree in they're backyard and puts a noose on each of them. They're getting ready for death when one guy says, "hey, I think that last wish would sure come in handy!" The other guy gets a nervous look on his face and says "well, you see, I kinda already used it..." "WAIT, WHAT?!" "Yeah uh, I wished we were hung like black men"

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