Three men want to work for the CIA...

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Three friends decide they want to leave their jobs and go work for the CIA. Somehow they all manage to wrangle an interview, and the first guy is in a room with the chief of the CIA (this is all made possible.. because it's a joke). Chief says, "So, you want to be in the CIA, do you?" And the man responds that it's his calling in life, and a job as an agent is one he would be well suited for. "Well," the Chief says, "We actually have your wife, in the next room." He pulls out an old-school revolver and places it in the man's palm. "We want you to go in there and shoot her to prove your loyalty." Well, the guy bolts, because he loves his wife. Second guy comes in, same deal. When he's given the gun, he thinks about it for a moment - weighs his future career against his love for his wife - and decides that he just can't do it. The third guy, however, asks a follow-up question: "If I kill her, am I in?" The Chief responds in the affirmative and the guy takes the gun, steels himself with resolve, and goes into the next room. The Chief hears some clicking, followed by some crashing and banging, and the man comes back in with blood on his clothes. "Jesus Christ!! What the hell happened in there? What did you do?!!?" "Well," the man responds, "some idiot loaded the gun with blanks so I had to kill the bitch with a chair."

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