Three friends die and go to heaven...

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When they get to the gate saint peter says, "Hi, welcome to heaven. You're going to have a great time. We only have one rule in heaven, and that is to never, ever, no matter what, step on a duck." "Ducks?" "Yes, if you do, you will receive a terrible punishment. You may enter." So the friends enter heaven, and much to their suprise, there are ducks everywhere. Every square yard there were probably 2 ducks. The first friend takes the warning lightly and accidentally steps on a duck the first day, and as punishment the most hidiously ugly person gets put in front of him to look at for all of eternity. The person was like uglier than the mcpoyles, he/she (because the friend coudn't tell if it was a boy or a girl) was really really ugly. So the second and third friends see this and say to themselves that they would never step on a duck. But sure enough the second friend steps on a duck in the third week and gets the same punishment as the first friend. So the third friend vows to never move, and only move if absolutely necessary. After about 7 months a beautiful woman comes down from the sky, and I'm talking crazy hot, almost angelic. The third friend gets to look at her forever, and asks, "what could I have possibly done to deserve this?" And she says, "I don't know but I stepped on a duck."

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