Three friends are lost in the woods...

Travel Jokes

As they try to find their way out, they chance upon a beautiful house and farm. Puzzled by this house in the middle of nowhere, they decide to look inside one of the windows to see if they can get any idea of what's going on. Upon looking in, they see an old man with his eighteen young, beautiful daughters. They decide that it is at least nothing paranormal, and decide to ask for shelter for the night. So they knock on the door. Almost immediately, it opens, and the man waits expectantly for them to start.

The first friend decides he will be bold, and asks, "Sir, may I sleep with your daughters tonight?" The man says, "You can sleep with my pigs in the barn over there, or chance your luck in the woods." The first friend decides to stay in the barn.

The second friend asks, "Sir, may I sleep with any one of your daughters tonight?" The man replies, "No. You can sleep with my chickens in the barn." And so the second friend also ends up staying in the barn for the night.

The third man humbly asks, "Kind sir, may I seek shelter in your house for the night?" The man says, "For not asking, you may sleep with my daughters tonight." The third friend eagerly heads to the bedroom.

Next morning, the man bids the friends good luck, and shows them a trail to follow to get out of the forest. As they walk down the track, the first friend says, "I feel like a pig, since I had to sleep with them all night." The second friend says, "I feel like a chicken, because I had to sleep with them all night." The third friend thinks for a second, then says, "I feel like a golfer, because I got into all 18 holes."

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