The rooster

Rated Adult Jokes

The Rooster - Communication skill Case Study

A priest lost his pet rooster and couldn't find it no matter how many
times he checked around his parish.

He loved his rooster so much that he wanted it back very badly.
Frustrated at not finding it, he decided to bring it up during his
Sunday Mass.

From the pulpit, he asked loudly, " I have something to ask all of you.
want from you only the truth and nothing but truth."

Then he asked "Anyone got a cock?"

All the men inside the church stood up!

"No, I mean, has anyone seen a cock?"

All the women inside the church stood up.

Disappointed at not having expressed his question properly, he asked
"No, no...what I mean is...has anyone seen in the neighbourhood, a cock
which does not belong to them." Half the women inside the church stood

Frustrated, he asked them loudly again, "All that I am asking is has
seen MY cock?" All the nuns stood up!

The priest decided not to look for his rooster anymore.

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