The Farmer

Blonde and Irish Jokes

A blond gets tired of it all and dyes her hair. She's now a brunette and feels
*much* smarter. Everyone tells her she's smarter. So she goes for a drive in
the country one day and stops in a lane which is blocked by a herd of sheep.
She gets out, talks to the farmer and says, "If I can guess how many sheep you
have, can I have one?"

He looks perplexed but says, "Sure."

So she says, " Uh....157?"

He says, "My God, that's correct. Take a sheep. "

So she wanders among the herd. She likes this one and that one and finally is
very attracted to one that wags its tail and likes her. She picks it up and
puts in it the car.

The farmer says, "Can I make a deal with you?"

"Sure, " says she.

He says, "If I can guess what color your hair really is,

can I have my dog back?"