r/Jokes is looking for a new Mod

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We are getting little swamped with the queues and our lives, we could really use the help of a qualified individual.

Up-mods and down-mods don't matter in this thread, so don't try to push your app to the top.


  • An Active User Being a Mod is hard work and will consume a couple minutes of your life each day.

  • 3 year Account history. If your not rocking out a 3 year trophy, please don't apply. Sorry.

  • Verified Email trophy. If your not verified, get verified then apply.

  • Modding history. Please post any links to any Reddit your currently mod and how long you have been a Mod there.

How do you apply?

  • Post "APPLY" (all uppercase, no quotes)

  • Also Post links to any communities you moderate along with the age of the community and how long you have been moderating it. (if applicable)

  • Post your thoughts on how a Mod should act and your preferred modding style.

  • Post your current thoughts on r/Jokes. (mostly I just want to see what you guys are thinking)

We will hopefully have some time Sunday or Monday to look through the applicants and add a mod.

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