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The "geeky" kid in the grade asked the "hot" girl to the prom. Much to his and everyone's surprise, she said yes. While there, she knows she can get him to do anything. And so upon seeing the long buffet line, she asked him to go get her a plate of food. He happily agrees, and while he's gone to get the food, she dances with her friends and has a good time. He comes back, and she thanks him, they sit down and eat together. While eating she spills some food on her shawl. She says "oh no, it's going to stain quickly unless it comes out, can you go to the bathroom and wash it for me" he does so a bit perturbed, realizing she's getting the best of him. But he decides not to argue the point, and so waits in the line at the bathroom, goes in and washes her shawl. When he comes back she says, "this food was spicy, my mouth is burning! can you go get me some punch to quench my thirst?" he does so happily because there's no punch line

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