Larry and anatomy

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Little Larry and Susie were in 6th grade and they were going through a sex ed/anatomy section in class. One day the teacher pulled down a diagram of the female anatomy and pointed at the breasts. Then she asked "any of you girls know what these are called?". Little Susie promptly raised her hand and when called on answered "breasts, and my mom has two of them". The teacher praised her for the correct answer. Then she pulled down a chart of the male anatomy and pointed at the penis and asked "any of you boys know what this is called?". Little Larry could hardly contain himself and blurted out "yes ma'am, that's a penis... and my dad has two of them!". The teacher scolded him for not waiting until called on to answer, and then said "Larry, you're partially correct... yes that's a penis, but your father only has ONE of them". Larry immediately said "oh no ma'am... he has TWO of them! He has a little one that he pees with and a big one he brushes mom's teeth with".

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