Jimmy the Bum

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I was hanging around the bars downtown when I ran into an old acquaintance, Tom. He asks, "You come down here often? I gotta show you this bum I met. He's gotta be the dumbest SOB I've ever met."

We walk over to the corner where a man was standing with a cardboard sign. "Hey Jimmy," Tom greets the bum with a smile and holds up $5 and a $1 bill in each hand "which one ya want?".

Jimmy instantly points to the $1 bill and Tom hands it over to him. Tom has his laugh and walk off, "I'll meet you inside buddy. You try it with him, Jimmy picks the smaller bill every time."

I asked Jimmy, "You gotta know the $5 is worth more, but why did you take the $1?". Jimmy replies with a shrug, "If I take the $5, he would have stopped giving me money years ago".

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