Is this OC? I thought of it in the shower. Help with making it better would be appreciated.

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A farmer is eating diner with his lovely daughter. The local merchants son, known for being honest and trustworthy, walks in and says "sir I'd like to lay with your daughter." The farmer in a rage asks "Why the hell would I let you do that?" To which the merchants son reply's "I was just diagnosed with a disease that will kill me tomorrow and your daughter is the loveliest creature I have ever set eyes on. I would like to lay with her so that I can die not a virgin." The farmer taken aback sits down, thinks and finally agrees to the request. The young pair leave the house. Soon after the farmers wife arrives. She starts unpacking groceries while he sits there quietly and she starts to tell her husband about her day "I was asked by the young market boy if he could date our daughter. I told him the only way you would let anyone lay a finger on her would be if they were going to die the next day." The farmer goes to the closet and gets his shotgun. The wife, alarmed, asks "what's that for?" Farmer "I've just got to make sure that I keep that boy honest."

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