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A young boy is playing with his toys on Thanksgiving. His mother walks in the room and asks him to put his toys away. She tells him his grandparents are on the way and asks if he can go check on his brothers and dad to see if they're ready. The little boy obeys and wonders off to his brothers room. His brother is quite a bit older and has his girlfriend over. As he's getting closer he hears the two yelling.

"You're a BITCH!"


The little boy, not understanding what's going on, walks into the room oblivious to what's going on. He looks up at his brother and asks "what's a bitch?" His brother, seriously flustered at being interrupted, stammers out "uhhh it's just a nice thing to call a girl" the little boy accepts the answer and asks "well then what's a bastard?" the brother tells him "that's just.. uhh.. the same thing except for a boy" the little boy accepts the answer and tells his brother that his grandma and grandpa are on their way.

The little boy goes down the hall to his other brothers room, who is also quite a bit older, and also has his girlfriend over. He hears yelling coming from that room too and gets closer to hear what's going on.



The little boy, oblivious to what’s happening, barges in and hears a loud screech come from his brother. His brother yells at him to get out but the little boy insists on knowing what a dick and tits are. The big brother infuriated by being cock blocked by his brother spouts off "it's just a hat and a coat now get out of here!"

The little boy obviously confused by all of this continues down the hall to his parent room. He walks in quietly on his dad shaving and starts to tell him about the grandparent's. The dad, not realizing the little boy had been there is startled and lets out a loud


The little boy jumps back, being startled himself. He looks up at his dad and says "What's shit daddy?" his dad looks down confused and frustrated. Coming up with something on the spot he tells the boy "It's just the new shaving cream I'm using. Now go tell your mom that I'll be down in a minute."

The little boy wonders back downstairs to tell his mom. He walks into the kitchen where his mom is stuffing the turkey. Knowing he had scared his dad he thought it would be funny to try the same trick on his mom. He sneaks up on his mom and yells "BOO!" She jumped up and lets out a extremely loud


The little boy snickers at scaring his mom and tells her that his dad will be down in a minute. After that he asks her "what's a fuck?" his mom tells him "It's the kind of stuffing I'm using in the turkey."

After this exchange the little boy hears the doorbell ring. His mom, still busy stuffing the turkey, asks the little boy to answer the door. She says "I'm sure that's your grandparents so be polite."

The little boy runs, opens the door and sees his grandparents standing there. He announces in a loud voice "Hello bitch and bastard, may I take your tits and dick?"

The grandparents confused and infuriated at the little boys language insist on the little boy telling him where his parents are so they can talk with them.

The little boy happily tells them "Well dad's upstairs shaving the shit off his face and mom is in the kitchen fucking the turkey"

Thanks for sticking through it. I'm sure there's a few in there so in advance, sorry for the grammar mistakes.

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