Hair cut

Blonde and Irish Jokes

A blonde is roller-skating down the board-walk one day. She's just skating along
in her lycra pants, smiling at everyone, listening to her Walkman.

She decides that she really needs a haircut. She skates into the first salon she
sees and goes up to the hairdresser and says, "I need a haircut." The hairdresser
checks her out and says, "OK, sit down and take off your headphones." "No way!"
shouts the blonde, "If I take off my headphones, I'll die!" "Then I can't give
you a haircut," replies the hairdresser.

So the blonde gets up and leaves and skates further down the board-walk. She sees
another salon, goes in, and says to the hairdresser, "I need a haircut... but you
can't take off my headphones or I'll die!" The hairdresser looks at her a little
weird, but says, "OK, no problem. Have a seat." So the blonde sits down and the
hairdresser comes up behind her, and when she isn't looking, rips the headphones
off her head.

Suddenly the blonde starts choking, and soon turns blue in the face, then keels
over and dies right there in the salon chair. The hairdresser is a little freaked
by this. The hairdresser leans over and cautiously listens into the blonde's
headphones and hears...

"Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out..."