During the Cold War, the CIA wanted to create the perfect Russian spy.

Travel Jokes

So they train a cohort for years and then they choose the best candidate. They deploy him from a stealth submarine on a remote Russian coast and the spy starts making his way towards Moscow through the frozen tundra. After a few days he comes across a small trapping village and as he was starting to get hungry and wanting to give his skills a test run he decides to go in.

The people are extremely welcoming of the stranger. They share all they have with him and even throw a celebration that evening. The spy blends in perfectly, he speaks Russian with no accent, he knows all the songs, dances kazachok with the best of them and drinks all the Russians under the table with vodka.

At the end of the night, one of the villagers slaps him on the back and says with a wink: “You know, Igor, we really like you! But we know that you’re an American spy!”

Igor becomes sad: “But… I studied with the best, for years! What did I do wrong, how could you tell after just one day?!”

“But Igor,” says the Russian with a smile, “you’re black!”

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