Bread and KFC deal

Travel Jokes

One day there was a knock on the Pope's office door. When he answered it,
the salesman said, "Hello, my management team would like to discuss a
proposal with you." After taking a seat in his office, the salesman said,
"I am with Kentucky Fried Chicken. We would like to offer you a contract to
the church if you can change the Lord's blessing from 'Give us this day our
daily bread' to 'daily chicken'."

The Pope said, "I'm sorry we just cannot do that."

The salesman went back to his office where he discussed the outcome of the
meeting. He returned to the Pope's office a week later with the same
proposal, only he had upped the bid to 4 million. The Pope gently declined,
again. The next week he came again and offered the Pope an offerring of 10
million. The Pope said, "Let me think it over."

The Pope then called a meeting with the elders of the church and said,
"Well gentlemen, I have good news and bad news.

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