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This was my grandpa's favorite joke, I had to share it here.

A penguin was driving down a desert freeway during a very hot summer. The penguin didn't mind the heat outside, because it had fantastic air conditioning in its car.

...until its car broke down. Luckily, there was a payphone within walking distance and the penguin was towed to the nearest roadside gas station/auto repair shop/convenience store.

In the auto repair shop, the mechanic popped the hood and told the penguin that they'd call the penguin back once the mechanic could figure out what the problem was. The penguin walked into the convenience store to try and escape the heat.

Unfortunately for the penguin, the store air conditioning was not nearly cool enough to keep the penguin comfortable. The penguin frantically searched for anything that could provide relief.

Down one of the few isles available, the penguin found a freezer section with a couple tubs of vanilla ice cream. The penguin bought one and buried its head into the cold, refreshing ice cream.

A few moments later, the penguin heard an announcement over the store intercom instructing the penguin to return back to the auto repair shop. The penguin pulled its head out of the vanilla ice cream and waddled into the repair shop.

The mechanic looked up at the penguin as it approached and said, "Welp, it looks like ya blew a seal."

The penguin replied, "Oh no, this is just vanilla ice cream."

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