An old woman with a huge purse walks into a bank...

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And she demands from the teller that she sees the President of Manhattan's First Bank, and she has 4 million dollars in her purse for him to see. The teller calls the President, and he arrives shortly to decide whether or not this old lady is just senile.

The old woman approaches him and says "I have 4 million dollars in my purse, and I bet you $10,000 that your balls are square."

The President was completely taken aback, but recollected himself and asked to see the money. The woman opens her purse and sure as hell there is 4 million dollars all in racks of one-hundred dollar bills. He is awestruck, and the old woman again pipes up, "You've seen the money, and I bet you $10,000 that your balls are square. If you have any, come tomorrow at noon so you can lose 10 grand." With this, the woman departs.

At 11 the next day, The President decides he'll take the old lady's challenge. He knows his balls aren't square, and if the woman is serious he will get $10,000 for basically nothing.

He meets with the woman and sees her with a well-dressed man. The woman claimed that he was her lawyer, and that he will make sure the bet isn't cheated. She requests that The President drops his pants, and The President does so. She holds his balls, fondles them a bit, and lets them go. The old woman says, "Well, it seems your balls are round," and hands him the money. In the background, the woman's lawyer is bashing his head against the wall. The President questions this and the woman proudly states with a smile "I bet him $100,000 that I'd have the President of Manhattan's First Bank's balls in my hand by noon today."

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