An Englishman, an Indian and an American...

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...are in the hospital waiting room together, all three of their wives about to give birth (for free, viva la NHS). When the doctor comes out and says "I'm terribly sorry, but we've had a mix up and we don't know which baby is which.".

As this is a joke, rather than immediately contacting their lawyers, they agreed amongst themselves that they'd go and see if they could tell, if they felt a special connection to one, for example.

The Englishman entered the room first, as is his right, and was in there for 15 minutes, before emerging with what was, for various reasons, clearly the Indian man's son. The Indian pointed this out immediately and the Englishman replied "I know, but one of the others is American and I'm not taking the risk".

Feel free to insert other nationalities as fits your own nation's whipping boy.

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