A woman goes into a shoe store...

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she goes to a clerk and says "i want that pair, and that pair, and that pair." and the clerk says "whoa, mam, calm down. I'll go to the back, i'll get you a few pairs, and you can try them on."The woman agrees and the clerk goes to the back to get her some shoes. He returns to the front, and tells the woman to lift her leg up so he can put the shoe on.The woman is wearing a skirt, so when she lifts her leg the clerk gets a peek up her skirt. He notices the woman isn't wearing any panties. When she lifts her other leg, he gets another peek, but the woman notices this time."what're you looking at?" she asks. "well to be honest mam, i was looking at your pussy. I would like too fill it up with ice cream, and eat it all out."The woman is incredibly offended, and rushes home to tell her husband what happened. The husband responds "there are 3 reasons why i'm not going to go kick that guys ass. 1: you have enough shoes, stop buying so many. 2: You shouldn't be walking around without wearing any panties. 3: I couldn't beat up a guy who can eat that much ice cream."

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