A not so shitty story

Professional Jokes

A man walks into the doctor's office stating "Doc, I haven't had a shit in weeks". The doctor, does a normal check up, and upon finding the man to be okay, prescribes him some laxatives.

Two weeks later, the same guy walks into the office saying "Doc, I still can't shit". The doctor does another check up on him, and this time prescribes him some extremely powerful laxatives.

Another two weeks pass and the same guy walks in saying, "Doc, I still can't shit". Fearing the worst, the doctor then starts asking him about his family history and his background.

The doctor then gets to the question, "What's your occupation?"

"Well I'm a artist," he states. "A painter by trade."

The doctor then laughs, "That makes sense! Here's five dollars, go eat something".

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