A man goes to a cathouse with only $5 to his name.

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"What can $5 get me?" he asked the lady inside.

"Let's see.. well, I can give you a penguin job," she replied.

The call girl unzips the man's pants and leaves them around his ankles, and goes to work with her mouth.

"Oh wow, this is fantastic, you sure know what you're doing!" The man was really enjoying his $5 penguin job.

It was only a short while before the climactic finish was approaching, and he made no delay with vocalizing this.

"I'm going to come, I'm going to come!"

The courtesan quickly stopped, got to her feet, and walked out the door of the room they were in.

"Wait baby, wait, wait! Where are you going?!" The man, pants still down around his ankles, waddled after the woman as fast as he could.

"That's a penguin job, and that'll be $5," she said, with a laugh.

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