A guy and his wife are in bed late at night...

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... when they hear a knock on the door. The guy goes to the door and answers it and there’s a man standing there who says, “Hey, guy, can you give me a push?”

The guy who answered the door says, “no, get lost”, and slams the door shut.

He goes back to his bed and his wife asks him what that was all about. He tells her there was this guy at the door wanting a push, and he said no.

She says, “Go out there and give him a push. He’s probably having car trouble. If you were in need of a push, wouldn’t you want someone to get up and help you out?”

Reluctantly, he gets out of bed, throws on some shoes and pants and goes out the door. He goes all the way out to the street but doesn’t see the man. Out loud, he says, “Hey buddy, you still need a push?”

The other man says, “ Yeah”.

So the first guy says, “Well, where are ya?”

The second man says, “I’m over here…on the swing.”

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