A biker pulls up at a roadhouse...

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So this old biker pulls up at a roadhouse after a long ride down 66. He parks his bike last in a long line of Harleys and Indians; seems everyone on the road decided to stop here for a rest and some dinner. As he was walking in, the biker did a double take at the simple dinner menu posted on the wall next to the double-doors: "Hamburgers - $3.50." "Cheeseburgers - $4.50." "Handjobs - $50.00" The biker gives the menu a fair pause, taking it all in. He finally makes his decision when he sees this gorgeous young blonde woman working the bar. Taking the corner seat, the biker catches her eye and gives her a wink. She knows. She walks over to him and coyly says "what'll it be, Sugar?" "Well miss, I've got a couple questions as regards to the menu there..." "Oh Yeah? And what's that?" She says, leaning in and displaying ample cleavage. "Are you the only one workin' tonight?" He asks. "That I am, sweetie. That I am." The biker can hear the desire in her voice... "And are you the one what doles out the handjobs, Miss?" She licks her lips..."I sure am, Sugar..." The biker takes a deep breath, leaning in close to the blonde and says, "well Miss, I'd appreciate you washing your damn hands because I'd like a cheeseburger."

e: am retarded and forgot to put the joke in the text

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